Innocence Project's Seth Miller says controversial bill would help prevent wrongful imprisonment

04/01/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
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We opened today's Last Call with a live report from the Trop where hundreds of people were protesting Gov. Scott's massive cuts to education, healthcare and worker pensions. Scott was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Rays season opener.

Following that, Innocence Project of Florida Executive Director Seth Miller talked about a controversial bill (SB 1206) working its way through the state legislature that would force police to adopt tough new standards for conducting photo lineups in an effort to prevent the wrongful imprisonment of innocent people.

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Seth speaks...

Jeez… don’t you just hate it when the GOP does a better job of protecting your rights than the dems or the ACLU… COMBINED!!! The next thing you know… the GOP will want to give incentives for adhering to the Constitutional right of a speedy trial… oh, wait a minute… that was another story!!! You don’t think this could be part of that “vast right-wing conspiracy” thingy… do you???

Oh look... the wind is blowing!!!

Dude… I just love it when Lisa and Beth take a “hard as walnuts” story like this… and add that sweet little blonde bimbet weathergirl twist to it!!! The “fair weather girls” tell us that it’s Sen. Joe Negron that originated Senate Bill 1206 and mention his name a few times during the story… but… do they ever tell you that he is a Republican??? OOPSIE… the sky’s going to be blue today!!! Do the “fair weather girls” mention that Republican Sen. Joe Negron was the one… of the 22 other members on the Florida Innocence Commission made up mostly of judges, lawyers and law professors… that decided to protect your right to a speedy trial??? OOPSIE… the pretty sun will set at 7:48pm today!!! Is this the kind of HEADS-UP (their butt) reporting we can expect from the real news station… when the “Real News” involves a Republican or a conservative???