Listeners Comment About Last Night's Presidential Debate

10/23/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up today we'll hear portions of last night's presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in Boca Raton. Later we'll open the phone lines to get your comments.

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I don't believe I have ever cared as much about any issue as much as I do about the mass-killings that we have been witnessing for decades. In my life I have lived in 6 countries, 5 of which outlawed the private ownership of guns - with exceptions being made for farmers and those who legitimately (and actively) belong to gun clubs. Leaving guns solely in the hands of criminals and police in all six countries. I am extremely weary of hearing politicians talking about gun-control as though they'd actually thought about it. In a very peaceful Scottish town called Dunblane in 1996, a mass-killing occurred where 16 primary-school children were murdered by a man armed with handguns. Some of the 'postal' incidents in this country were also perpetrated with handguns. In a country of 300M guns I believe the pragmatic approach to minimizing the mass-killings is to address access to mental health (number #1) and also making so-called responsible gun owners fully legally responsible for the safe storage of their weapons. If I possessed a gun and knew that I would be held equally culpable as the actual perpetrator for any crime committed by someone who stole that gun - I am rather sure I'd store it/them safely and very securely - or not possess one at all.