Local Activist Says She Wants FBI to Investigate Javon Neal Shooting

08/08/12 Robert Lorei
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The Hillsborough State Attorney’s office has ruled last month’s shooting of 16 year old Javon Neal by Tampa police officers was justified. Neal was shot at the Central Court Apartments after police officers arrived to investigate reports of gunshots. Two officers- Shannon Murphy and Gregory Pryor say they spotted someone who matched the description of the shooter and followed him and yelled at him to stop. The officers say that Neal had a shotgun in his hands- whirled to fire at the officers and that the officers shot and killed the teenager. The killing sparked outrage in the apartment complex—with some residents saying that the police got the wrong person. Community activists also wanted access to the security camera videotapes of the shooting scene. Police have released one grainy photo of a person climbing the stairs of the apartment complex with what appears to be a small diameter pipe-like object protruding from the bottom of his pant leg. Yesterday’s ruling by the Hillsborough State Attorney’s office means the two officers can return to their patrol duties.

Joining us now is an adviser to Javon Neal's family, Michelle Williams.

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A suggestion

Why not use those journalistic skills of yours and investigate who Michelle Williams IS? If you did, you'd find she has a criminal record a mile long including credit card fraud, aggravated assault, and exploitation of the elderly (wow, she cares so much about about her community, doesn't she?) http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/250279/250/Michelle-Williams-has-had-past-run-ins-with-the-law

Ha Ha Ha

What I find with white people the only thing you got is grudging up a persons past instead of looking at the work....well my DEAR if that's the best you got then you have NOTHING and for the record no convictions you idiot!

Organizer, We Are CHANGE Tampa

On the August 8, 2012, edition of Radioactivity (http://sound.wmnf.org/sound/wmnf_120808_100618_radioactivityW1_189.MP3) Michelle Williams, local New Black Panther Party Chief-of-Staff, said she doesn't apologize for anything she has done. Hence, she contradicts herself: www.wtsp.com/news/article/250102/8/New-Black-Panther-Party-chief-of-staff-apologizes. On the July 22, 2012, edition of Sunday Forum (http://sound.wmnf.org/sound/wmnf_120722_100617_sundayforum1_215.MP3) I pointed out this pretense of an apology, asking Williams the yet unanswered question: because she claims to not have called for violence, for what did she apologize? On her Facebook page Williams continues writing ethniphobic epithets: www.facebook.com/TheTruthSlanger Because Otis Anthony, Rev. Charles S. McKenzie, Jr., and Rob Lorei claim NBPP influence is minimal, why would WMNF continue to give attention to Williams without any utterance of condemnation? Williams has thoroughly marginalized herself. By giving her undue respect, WMNF shamelessly encourages her criminality. For those, such as Williams, who plead guilty to many felonies yet continue inciting violence without being prosecuted (i.e. Florida Statute 870.01), it is very likely they, through plea bargain, have become confidential informants (rats) who then seek to entice and implicate others in the violence they encourage and sometimes themselves commit. Williams taints any otherwise just cause she touches. History shows confidential informants and bootlickers to tyrants will also eventually become victims of those they serve, especially once they have outlived their usefulness, because they are deemed as knowing too much, "dirt," to risk it being exposed. Beware, militant extremists give government the lame excuse to rob us of our rights. See also www.infowars.com/new-black-panthers-and-nazis-hijack-trayvon-martin-case and www.infowars.com/southern-poverty-law-center-theres-no-such-thing-as-hate-speech. The NBPP criminality is sanctioned by the Obama administration: www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread843076/pg1 http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/watchdog-group-raises-questions-about-veracity-of-holder-testimony-on-new-black-panther-party-scandal/ http://washingtonexaminer.com/federal-court-finds-obama-appointees-interfered-with-new-black-panther-prosecution/article/2503500 http://www.rightsidenews.com/2012080816821/us/homeland-security/veracity-of-holder-testimony-on-new-black-panther-party-scandal.html

The truth hurts

You're a con artist, plain and simple. You're using other people's tragedies to get yourself media attention. Oh, and great response, by the way - it speaks VOLUMES of the type of person you are.

Need An Investigation

I agree the FBI needs to get involved in this case. The police story makes no sense, and the release of that one grainy photo (rather than the entire video) does not add to their credibility. I find it hard to believe anyone could run a flight of stairs with a sawed-off shotgun in his shorts. I also don't believe the gun could have landed where it was found. I'm glad to know someone is still pursuing justice for this boy's family.