Local groups promoting sustainability

08/06/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

On today’s program we talked with three groups about their efforts to promote sustainability here in the Tampa Bay area. We had the founder of The Bridge Tampa, a non-profit organization that promotes ecocentric living, social justice and personal development, Rebecca Blanco. With her was one of their board members John Arnaldi. He’s a Life Coach with a PhD in counselor education and recently co-authored “Ethic Efficacy of the Global War on Terrorism."

Dewey Davis-Thompson, long-time WMNF volunteer represented the Sustany Foundation that supports sustainable practices here in Tampa Bay. Dewey’s on the executive committee of Sustany.

Also joining us were the business partners of Going Green Tampa, Tara LaSalle and Lisa Custer. Going Green was one of this year’s Earth Charter Award winners for sustainable businesses. Going Green provides information on what’s green in our area. All of these groups are doing great stuff: forums, films, panel discussions, recommendations, etc., all about sustainable living.

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