Local theater facing threat of shutdown, The Minimalists begin 100 city tour in Tampa, and activists with Occupy Wall Street speak at World Peace Day

01/24/14 Robert Lorei
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Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists

photo by Rob Lorei

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei covers three topics:

First, saving an endangered local movie theater - One of the last independent movie theaters in the Bay area is in danger of closing. The Tampa Pitcher Show, on North Dale Mabry Highway, in Tampa is facing the possibility of shutting down if they do not raise enough funds to transition from 35 mm projectors to digital. Rob Lorei speaks with Wayne Valenti, the owner of the Tampa Pitcher Show.

Next, an unusual cross country tour begins in Tampa today. Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus better known to their 2 Million followers as The Minimalists will be kicking off their 100-city world tour in Tampa at Mojo Books and Music.

Josh and Ryan are childhood best friends who not so long ago were the embodiment of upwardly mobile, busy, fashionable, unhealthy, wasteful twenty-somethings. They had big houses, fast cars, six-figure incomes and more clothes, gadgets, and possessions than they had time to play with. And much to their own surprise and horror, they were deeply, seriously, seemingly irrevocably unhappy.

In 2010, they decided to take back control of their lives using the principles of minimalism and founded TheMinimalists.com, where they write about their journey and living life with less money, less stuff, and more meaning. They join us Rob Lorei in the studio to share their story.

Lastly, Rob speaks with Zoltan Glück and Manissa Maharawal, activists with Occupy Wall Street from New York. They will be the keynote speakers tomorrow in Sarasota at a celebration of World Peace day at the Unitarian Church.

Listen to the entire show above.

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