Mayor Buckhorn: Tampa will have 4,000 police for 2012 RNC

09/28/11 Josh Holton
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Today Tampa’s Mayor took a trip across the bay to build connections with members of the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club. The Mayor has seems bent on having a heavy police presence during next year’s RNC.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn has lost many elections in the past, but many of his opponents had consistently won every one of their races. He said that moving past his losses has given him courage.

But some folks fear for how Buckhorn will handle the influx of possibly tens of thousands of people to the bay area. He has sworn to protect police officers and the public against who he calls anarchists.

He has made the distinction between peaceful protestors, and those who would commit acts of assault or vandalism.

Buckhorn also warned against any activity that involves fire in the street, and cautioned about the potential for provocateurs.

During the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, videos have emerged that show police brutality against unarmed or otherwise peaceful, law-abiding protesters. Buckhorn said he has not seen the videos, but said he doesn’t anticipate police brutality next year.

Buckhorn has said there will be free speech zones which will be the only place protesters will be allowed to gather.

In response to an audience member, Buckhorn jokingly suggested that people should protest in Largo in Pinellas County. Speaking seriously, the mayor said that no public areas are currently designated or planned to be a potential free speech zone.

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Why are the republicans scared?

It may be because they know they haven't been acting in the public's best interest...and we know it too. Why do we have to be in a pe,n like animals, to say what's on our minds? Why can't we walk around and say it peacefully? WE ELECT YOU! LISTEN TO US!

Volunteer Opportunity?

I wonder if the police are accepting volunteers for the big RNC. I can bring my own pepper spray. :)