National Recovery Month

09/21/11 Robert Lorei
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This month is National Recovery Month and DACCO (Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office) is putting on an event to celebrate recovery this Sunday at the Straz Center in downtown Tampa. Our guests are Liz Harden who is the COO of DACCO. Dr. Jason Fields MD is an addiction medicine fellow. And Leslie Glass is the writer/director of the new film THE SECRET WORLD OF RECOVERY. We're going to talk about addiction and recovery today on Radioactivity.

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incorrigible life form

Getting a tractor trailer to recover from a skid involves pushing in the clutch and letting the natural harmonies of Gia provide easy natural assistance rather than the pushing you were giving. When EMS responds to a injuries involving a radio call they know to expect a victim needing to recover laying next to a radio tuned to a commercial station.