New book gives inside story of war in Afghanistan

01/09/12 Robert Lorei
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On the first part of today’s program we’ll hear from journalist Michael Hastings who has written a behind-the-scenes account of or military leadership in the war Afghanistan.

Last year award-winning journalist Hastings wrote an article in Rolling Stone that made headlines around the world and resulted in the firing of the U.S. commander in charge of the war in Afghanistan. Hastings’s account of the blunt, dismissive remarks made by General Stanley McChrystal and his staff about President Obama, Vice President Biden, leading U.S. diplomats, our European allies, and what McChrystal’s “Team America” saw as a lack of strong leadership by the White House led Obama to summon the much-admired McChrystal back to Washington, where he was summarily relieved of command in the Oval Office. It was the most dramatic military firing since Truman dumped MacArthur in the middle of the Korean War.

In his new book THE OPERATORS: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan (Blue Rider Press) Hastings gives us a first hand account of the war on the ground as well as the behind-the-scenes war between our military and civilian leaders.

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