New contender enters State House Dist 59 race

06/22/11 Kate Bradshaw
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Thirteen months and a grueling redistricting process may stand between now and the 2012 primaries, but candidates at every level are launching their campaigns. WMNF recently caught up with one who hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the Tallahassee. Tampa Activist Tatiana Denson is challenging Democratic incumbent Betty Reed for the state legislature’s District 59 seat. That district stretches from the USF area down to Progress Village, and at the moment is predominantly African American. We asked Denson why she’s throwing her hat in the ring in 2012.

That was Tatiana Denson, who is running for State House Dist 59 in 2012. She faces Democratic incumbent Betty Reed in next year’s August primary. We hope to catch up with her opponent soon.

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