New Film Depicts Disappearance of Wetlands in Southern Louisiana; and Mitt Romney Surrogate Discusses Economic Issues

05/16/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up we’ll talk with a surrogate for Mitt Romney. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is in town today for several campaign events, but he wasn’t able to make it over to WMNF. So we’ll hear from a surrogate.

But first we’ll talk about what’s happening to the shoreline in the upper Gulf of Mexico with

Filmmakers Elizabeth Coffman, Ted Hardin and Gulf Restoration Network's (GRN) Cathy Harrelson. They are here to talk about the film "Veins in the Gulf," which is showing tonight at Studio 620 in St. Petersburg…. FMI

Here’s an excerpt from the film’s trailer…..


Republican candidate Mitt Romney is in the Tampa Bay area today. He spoke this morning in St. Petersburg. In about a half hour he’ll be holding a $10,000 a person meet and greet at the Avila Country Club. And later he’ll speak at a luncheon at Avila--- where the ticket price is $2500 per person……

The Romney campaign offered a surrogate to WMNF in place of having an actual interview with the former Massachusetts Governor and Bain Capital executive. The surrogate is incoming Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford who is a Republican from Pasco County. With the news yesterday that JP Morgan’s chief executive Jamie Dimon will get a pay increase—despite the fact the company announced last week that it had lost $2 Billion dollars in risky derivatives trading—I asked Weatherford whether we needed more regulation of banks—to prevent them from gambling money on derivatives.

Right after this interview will open the phone lines for your comments.


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