Occupy Tampa Arrests, Occupy New Port Richey Protest & Frank Luntz on the Occupy Movement

12/02/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday)

Coming up we'll hear about the arrests of dozens of Occupy Tampa activists last night in Riverfront Park. later we'll hear from Kevin Horan from the Occupy New Port Richey movement.

Local Occupy Group Takes On Big Banks

As part of their "Move Your Money" campaign, Occupy New Port Richey will visit a local branch of Wells Fargo at 2pm this afternoon. They plan to protest outside of the bank and hand out information to bank customers and passersby. They hope to encourage the people in their community to switch from banks to credit unions, which are local, not-for-profit financial institutions, by informing them of the benefits of being a credit union member versus a bank customer.

Later we'll hear from GOP pollster Frank Luntz on the Occupy Movement and his advice this week to Republican Governor's meeting in Orlando this week about how best to frame the debate so that Republicans can win the argument about economics.

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