Occupy Tampa protests at Obama campaign's Ybor office calling for veto of defense spending bill

12/20/11 Seán Kinane
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Supporters of civil liberties are hoping President Barack Obama reverses himself again and veto the defense spending bill passed by Congress last week. About 40 members of Occupy Tampa took that message to the president’s re-election campaign headquarters in Ybor City on Friday evening. Protester Samantha Bowden led the “people’s mic” denouncing the National Defense Authorization Act.

The protesters are concerned about one provision in the $662 billion defense spending bill that the ACLU warns would authorize the military to detain terror suspects without trial anywhere in the world, including in America. President Obama originally threatened to veto the bill, but he backtracked after some changes were made.

Before they marched through historic center of Ybor City to reach the Obama campaign office, members of Occupy Tampa, like Keith Cuesta, staged a theatrical expression of what they say could happen if the bill is signed.

Some protesters dressed up in camouflage uniforms pretending to be U.S. military singled out people demonstrating against the bill. They were hooded, thrown to the ground and handcuffed behind their backs with zip ties. Suzie Shannon participated as a bystander outside the Centro Ybor shopping area.

On Saturday Occupy Tampa joined Food Not Bombs to share food in a West Tampa park owned by business owner and politician Joe Redner.

Photos of the protest



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