Peeping cops now against the law in Tampa

12/20/12 Janelle Irwin
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Tampa City Council members approved changes today to an ordinance making it a crime for Tampa Police officers to use surveillance cameras to look into private residences. The move is a response to concern that cameras purchased for the Republican National Convention last summer could be used inappropriately by law enforcement.

The change expands a current Tampa city ordinance against peeping Toms to include officers using the surveillance equipment who could have the ability to use cameras to spy on residents without their knowledge. The provision was called “window peeping,” but was renamed “invasive viewing” in today’s second and final vote. Council members have put off talking about the bigger question of what to do with the cameras purchased through a grant from the federal government. The equipment is under warranty through next summer. Council members voted unanimously earlier this month to talk start answering that question at a workshop next August 29th.

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What do to? Sell the cameras. They violate the Constitutional Right to Privacy. The police can't justify using such pricey spy gadgets. If you've ever been the target of an angry cop who got a hold of one of these things you'd know the cameras are used to abuse people's rights.