President Obama's Escalation Of Afghanistan War: Can The Country Afford it?

07/28/10 Robert Lorei
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Congress is voting this week on spending billions more on the war in Iraq. President Obama backs the escalation of the US military effort- an effort that has gone on for nine years. Our guest is TOM ENGELHARDT, FMI

Engelhardt is founder of; his book "The American Way of War: How Bush's Wars Became Obama's" was just released. Engelhardt's latest piece is "Why Are We in Afghanistan? As Petraeus Takes Over, Could Success Be Worse Than Failure?" which states: "It’s now past time to ask that question, even as the Obama administration repeats the al-Qaeda mantra of the Bush years almost word for word and lets any explanation go at that. Why are we in Afghanistan? Why is our treasure being wasted there when it’s needed here?

"It’s clear enough that a failed counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan will be an unaffordably expensive catastrophe. Let’s not wait a year to discover that there’s an even worse fate ahead, a 'success' that leaves us mired there for years to come as our troubles at home only grow. With everything else Americans have to deal with, who needs a future Petraeus Syndrome?"

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