Radio personality Bubba says his show will "deep fat fry the Quran"

02/24/12 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Tampa radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge says he will “deep fat fry a Quran.” This following more deaths today in Afghanistan following four days of protests against the accidental burning copies of the Muslim holy book by NATO troops. Bubba made the comments on his program on 102.5 FM today.

“But we are going to deep fat fry a Quran, I’ll tell you that.”

Bubba said he got a message from management ordering him to stop talking about the plan.

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Lighten up Francis

It is a radio show first of all. Secondly, if he wants to deep fry Quaran then so be it. I agree, screw these Muslim extremists who have us scared to say or do anything. Get our troops out of there. Bubba is the man and Lasker ain't scared.

When will they ever learn?

Great idea, deep frying. Put a bible and a copy of the constitution in the fry basket as well. Just what sauce do you serve with that? Don't reuse that oil!

Quran oil

Tucker Carlson suggested using bacon fat to do the deep fryin'. Ya gotta love it! I'm tired of the world walking on eggshells for this ridiculousness.

BOIL that dust spec!

I agree. Except I haven't listened to anything Obubba says since he campaigned for Obama.

He's not the issue

The primary objection seems to be that it would put soldiers in harm's way. So... if Bubba doesn't deep fry, does that mean they aren't in harm's way? No... So... if Bubba deep fries, it means that the soldiers would be in 'more' danger? Okay... But none of this changes the fact that if we weren't over there to begin with, they wouldn't be in danger regardless. Bubba is not the issue. And as far as management is concerned, that's just ridiculous. Bubba has water-boarded people on air. He's locked people up in sheds and tortured the for a week. This stunt is pretty tame.

Hope you make lots of cash

I agree that it's EVERY American's right to deep fry any book they want. However, doing it to earn ratings further illustrates the irresponsibility of celebrities. YES things like this put our troops in more danger. So, I hope you can buy lots of great things with all the extra cash, cause those who may be harmed because of such stunts will lose life and/or limb. Enjoy.

Great idea

(Currently in Afghanistan) All muslims, Not just the taliban take this desicration as an act deserving blood. My team and I appriciate your efforts to escalate the war from just one muslim country to all of them.

Please come home safe

To random lcpl: my remarks were intended as sarcasm. As a bibliophile, I don't condone any desecration of any book. Please come home safe. We need all hands on deck here, not wasted in other lands.

Save Our Country

Sorry, I know this is unrelated: Please keep those two arabs off the air. I can't stand the sound of their whining about their rights here in America. In the countries that their muslim brothers have settled, they DO have shariah law. They have and continue to butcher hundreds of Buddhists in southern Thailand because they want a muslim-only state. They routinely behead Catholics in the southern Philippines. Citizens who don't adhere to sharia law in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other muslim countries are executed -by the government. The muslim religion is not tolerant. Bibles are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. Owning one will get you jailed and possibly executed. We all know this yet these two muslims whine on WMNF about they are being misrepresented and how they have the right here in America to do as their religion requires. When will WMNF grow up and recognize they are being used by this pair? The proposed law in self-defense against Islam.

Hurtle the dead and trample the wounded…

Hey, “Random Lance”… does this act of desecration deserve the blood of the one who desecrated the Quran... or will the blood of ANY non-believer suffice??? If just any non-believers blood will do… then… Semper Fi, do or die; kill them all and let Allah claim the souls HE wants!!!

Tolerance -not for us

This is how grateful the Libyans are for our assistance -the tolerant muslim population destroys all the Christian and Jewish graves they can find. From two days ago.

I expect their president will be apologizing soon

I expect their president will be apologizing to us soon. After all, our president apologizes to them on a weekly basis.

F yea fat fry

Fry that book and let the cards fall where they may. I fought with good men to give you the right to burn or fry any book.

Don't eat it though..any of it!

Fry the thing, just don't eat it. It's filled with hate along with the rest of the fairy tale religions out there. We invented religions because when humans became self-aware it was too devastating on the fragile human mind to think that we will also eventually die. We fabricated religions as a mechanism to deal with that reality. It gives us hope of a thereafter in which we can live on. All that is fine, but when wars are being fought and people are killed because of religious differences, that is when we should all do a reality check on what religion really is. I believe that is what Bubba is actually trying to point out here.

Obubba is an Oaf

Obubba is an oaf. He's just trying to rescue his sagging ratings. Doing something like is tasteless and akin to art exhibits of crucifixes steeped in urine.