Rally in Temple Terrace to support pro-democracy activists in Libya

02/22/11 Seán Kinane
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Hundreds of pro-democracy activists have been killed by Libya’s government during several days of demonstrations . Yesterday in Temple Terrace, more than 60 people rallied in support of Libya’s protesters.

In a long speech televised today on Libya TV, the country’s leader, Moammar Gadhafi vowed to continue to fight and die a “martyr.” He called on supporters to take back the streets from people demanding his ouster. But during rush hour last night, supporters of Libya’s street protesters held signs and flags at the corner of Fowler Avenue and 56th Street. Abdul Majid comes from Tripoli but has lived and worked in Temple Terrace for 30 years.

Libya’s security forces have cracked down on the street protesters. An opposition activist in Tripoli said the streets of one section of the capital are littered with the bodies of scores of protesters. Today the White House called the recent violence in Libya “appalling.” Despite hundreds of casualties, Majid says the anti-government protesters will prevail.

Dr. Awatif Hammud lives in Tampa, but is from Libya and is worried about her family in Tripoli.

Seven-year-old Seema supports the anti-government protesters in Libya’s streets.

Sixteen-year-old Taha El Faituri carried the red black and green flag of Libya from before Gadhafi’s reign, not the green one instituted by the regime. El Faituri lives in Tampa Bay, but is from Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city and where the most intense anti-Gadhafi protests have occurred.

The U.N. Security Council scheduled a closed meeting on Libya this afternoon.

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People all over the world... on the move!!!

AGAIN... Ronaldus Maximus knew how to handle Gadhafi 25 years ago!!! Hay… if you want to find that clown Moammar… just look for his other two brothers… Larryammar and Curlyammar!!!