Rep. Rick Kriseman warns drivers about woes of new Florida PIP law

07/03/12 Janelle Irwin
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Florida’s cracking down on personal injury protection auto insurance fraud. A new PIP law that took effect on Sunday restricts what types of medical treatment an injured person can receive and even the amount of coverage they are entitled to regardless of what they pay for.

Supporters say the law will reduce insurance premiums but Democratic State Representative Rick Kriseman has been a staunch opponent. He said there are loopholes in the PIP insurance law that need to be addressed and it does little to address actual fraud.

Kriseman isn’t seeking re-election for his seat in the House.

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I am in total agreement with your observations regarding PIP, but it is the loss of a real representative of the people that saddens me most. Reading your core values, I know that ordinary Americans need what you express more than they realize - I am sorry you are leaving, but can sure understand where you are coming from. I was truly shocked when Florida voted in such an extreme governor and those who follow him. I wish you well and time to recover so within the next 4 years you may be ready for another challenge. Dianna McCullough


Hi the reason I think florida has a Repulican governor is when Jeff Bush was in office they change the Distric I think it call to get Repulican votes (sorry spell checkers not working) and the reason we have our presendet in office 4 year ago before tea party a lot of the rep were mad at G.W Bush I know a few that voted to the left rember this is just my opinion