Rick Scott rejects high-speed rail funding - Tampa Bay leaders are critical

02/16/11 Seán Kinane
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Much of the reaction to Governor Rick Scott’s decision to reject federal funds for the bullet train has been scathing. This afternoon four of the five candidates running for Tampa Mayor said Scott made the wrong decision.

Tampa-area U.S. Representative Kathy Castor says Florida isn’t in the financial position to refuse federal money.

The Democrat says Scott’s decision means fewer jobs for the Tampa Bay area.

Governor Scott complained about the cost of the bullet train.

“President Obama’s high-speed rail program is not the answer to Florida’s economic recovery. We must make investments in areas where we will get a return for the shareholders – Florida’s taxpayers.”

But the Sierra Club’s regional representative Phil Compton criticizes Scott’s step backward in trying to wean Florida off its addiction to fossil fuels.

“High-speed rail would have created jobs and provided our state with an oil-free transportation option.”

When Republican governors in Ohio and Wisconsin rejected high-speed rail funding, it was disbursed to other states, like Florida. Now, other states, like California, could benefit from Scott’s decision to reject the funding.

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio criticizes that choice.

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I think high speed is fine, but we also need regular rail with local stops, so people can go to work, shop,etc. I heard somewher that there is action started to recall Rick Scott. I don't know who voted for him-perhaps they thought he had possibilies-away from Florida is a good one!