RNC chair says protests of 2012 convention in Tampa will be handled the same as in the past

02/02/11 Kate Bradshaw
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Along with massive political conventions come massive political demonstrations, and Tampa’s 2012 RNC will likely be no different. How Tampa will handle protests – some of which may get violent – isn’t yet known. Today, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said he hopes law enforcement will handle demonstrations in the same way they have during past conventions.

Lawsuits stemming from police brutality alleged to have occurred during the St. Paul and New York Republican Conventions plagued those cities’ budgets long after the RNC came and went. Local leaders may have to deal with the effects of the effects of potentially violent protests in the wake of the RNC.

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We're coming

Oh, we're coming, Reince. Given your advance endorsement of illegal activity, we'll be suing you personally this time, Reince. The anarchists will smash this convention because I will not sit on the sidelines this time.

Great. I'll watch you get beat!

Great! I'll watch you get the tar beat out of you! I miss those days in the 70s when I could count on watching hippies get the tar beat out of them every day on the news. What was that? The democratic convention? Just goes to show you --people are never satisfied, no matter who's in power.

...inflamed political rhetoric...

Now children... remember what the dems said... "We've got to improve the civil discourse throughout this great country and in our communities. We have to share with others that this inflamed political rhetoric is wrong and we need to call it out." So Kate... why are you expecting "protests – some of which may get violent"???

there will be masses

"The anarchists will smash this convention because I will not sit on the sidelines this time." ---We will be with you in solidarity, when that day comes.


yeah, we will too bewith you.tell allyour friends.the cops cant stop us this time.


What does Anarchy, violence and mayhem have to do with being heard? I never understand people that cause a disturbance because they are not eloquent enough to speak or write to their elected officials. Why hurt or potentially kill another human being? Why hurt the honest businessman financially? Someone explain to me why?