Rob Lorei takes listener calls on Vladimir Putin, Trayvon Martin, and Syria.

09/12/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei takes listener calls on Putin's op-ed in the New York Times, Trayvon Martin, 9/11, Europe, and the decision by the Tampa Bay Times to charge some people for online use. Listen to the full show above.

Media included in today's Radioactivity can be found below:

A Plea for Caution From Russia What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

Jeff Daniels from THE NEWSROOM: Is America #1?

Trayvon Martin medical examiner claims prosecutors intentionally lost case

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Hi I am an Indian, South American Native American, Inca, to those political correct people. I am not the first one to compare the United States to the Roman republic. Educated scholars have written papers on this subject. Some scholars state that the United States is the first republic born since the Roman republic. That might be true for the Western world. As an Indian I have to say that everything has a cycle, be it living or not. If it has a beginning, it has an end. One of my saying is that most people know “where” they stand, geographic wise, but almost none know “when” they standing at, in the cycle of things. In Rome, when Caesar took over the Roman republic ended and the Roman Empire began. Today, the United States stands at that part of the cycle where it is about to end as a republic and start off as an empire. Today, when people think of Roman society, they think of what the television shows them. They don’t know that Rome had bank interest rates, sales receipts, bathrooms and other things that today’s western world like to pat itself on the back as their modern inventions. However, many of the same troubles Rome had Washington D.C. has right now. A roman politician would feel right at home when making a speech of we are defending our freedom. The United States is showing many signs of a declining empire. Decadence and political corruption are two. Let us talk about two political white papers that has put this country where it is now. The first one is an American paper, the new American century, written in 1995 or 96. The other is an Israel political paper, I believe it is title article 1486 and one of the authors is Netanyahu, written in 1996. It is important to know plan outline in those papers but what is more important is the authors of those papers. For the authors of those papers are the ones that got into power in 2000 and quickly went about to implement those plans. A quick summary, right after the fall of the Soviet Union these 4 American politicians (first Neocons) looked into the future and saw China on the rise. They knew that Chine is oil poor so they drew up a plan to attack and control the Middle East for its oil and indirectly control Chine and maintain the united states as a global power for the next 100 years, hence the title, new American century. The Israelis also saw chine on the rise, remember, this is 1996. But from their religious point of view the United States was not going to maintain its superpower status. They also realized that Chine is not a Christian nation. That meant that Israel cannot go to china and tell them “we are god’s chosen people.” The Israel article 1486 calls to use the United States to destroy all of the Middle East and divide all the countries into subgroups in constant warfare with each other. It is a classic Israeli tactic. Back to Rome and Washington D.C., I am not the first one, the only one and alone in coming to the conclusion that the people are about ready for a Caesar to take the stage. When it is true it is not anti-Semitic to state that AIPAC controls Washington, the media and other important industries. For example, today it cost a congressional race about 20 million dollars. AIPAC has about 150 very rich Jewish members that own television stations, newspapers and property around the country. They can donate 5 million dollars, put a good word thru their media and lend property to be uses as a political campaign office. I will stop here because in the cycle of things, this is where the United States stands.