Romney v Obama: Who's Better For the Middle Class?

10/09/12 Robert Lorei
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What is the the true cost of a Romney-Ryan Presidency on Florida? We're joined now by Tara McGuinness, Executive Director of the Center for American Progress Action.

This summer, CAP Action launched Romney University to inject what they say are facts into the national debate and they are putting a price tag on a Romney-Ryan presidency. The Price of Romney tour comes to Tampa this Thursday morning at the Letter carriers Hall in West Tampa.

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Facts about the price tag??? Please...

The “Center for American Progress Action” lost their 1st class seat on Air America… sooo… let’s hear what Ms. McGuinness has to say from the back of the bus. Jeez… you should’ve invited Al Frankin and turned this into a Saturday Night Live skit.

G.P. - still irrelevent

Poor Glenn. He just can't seem to make sense. Apparently his 'wrong-winged' brain cells are as deficient as ever. Remember, that Congressman and author Al Franken correctly titled his book "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot!" The next book title will be "Romney/Ryan: The Road To Ruin".