Senator Marco Rubio interrupted by protesters during a pre-Republican convention speech

08/28/12 Seán Kinane
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TuesRosenbergRubio.wav Seán 28 August 2012 1:56

Several protesters interrupted a speech by Senator Marco Rubio this morning. During a Florida delegation to the Republican convention breakfast at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, activists associated with the group Stand Up Florida yelled out during Senator Rubio’s speech. Toni Rosenberg from Boca Raton was one.

"I was sitting at a table along with the rest of the people in the room. He was talking about how he wanted to change the way things are now. Another person stood up from the group and stated that he wanted his fair share and that he was from the 99%. Then I stood up and said I want my fair share, I’m the 99% and I’m here because I want to make a better life for my children and grandchildren."

"What was the reaction in the room?"

"Booing, they booed."

"Were you confined or contained or removed?"

"No, I stood there and I stood up for awhile waiting for someone to come over to me and then I sat down and that’s when a bunch of people came over and asked me to leave. I was escorted out, and as I was escorted out somebody must have evidently shouted out something about my cane and my leg. Then Marco Rubio said “don’t wish her to fall” and then I was escorted out of the building onto the street and there were other people on the sidewalk."

"How many other people were escorted out?"

"I honestly don’t know because I just followed what I was doing but I believe there were a couple other people escorted out."

That was Toni Rosenberg. She was one of several people protesting a speech this morning by Senator Marco Rubio. Another activist who was there told me that five people inside were removed and about 7 people outside were forced to leave the property.

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