Shorter yellow lights may lead to more red light camera citations

05/17/13 Janelle Irwin
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Good Afternoon, welcome to the Last Call, I’m your host, Janelle Irwin. Alvaro Montealegre is our engineer. We’ll be opening up the phone lines to take your calls. Today we’ll be talking about Red Light Cameras.

An investigative report released this week by Noah Pransky of Channel 10 news shows that the Florida Department of Transportation changed its rules on yellow light intervals in 2011 to be less than federal recommendations. Just a half second reduction in the length of time a light is yellow can result in double the amount of tickets issued as a result of red light cameras.

Even before this information was released, red light cameras were a controversial, hot button topic, irking people whether or not they had received one of the $158 tickets.

With us today is Matt Florell. Matt is a vocal opponent of the cameras and has spoken against them at St. Pete City Council more times than I can count. Matt’s diligence has led to investigations and changes to St. Pete’s red light camera policies.

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