Should State Legislature reduce benefits for unemployed?

05/06/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Today is the last day of the legislative session and efforts to cut unemployment benefits are still unresolved.

The House plan would reduce the state’s current 26 weeks of benefits to 20. The Senate wants to keep benefits at 26 - only when unemployment hit 12 percent.

The current 11.1 percent jobless rate would allow for 24 weeks under the Senate plan.

A non-profit group that advocates for worker's rights warns that the proposed changes would go further than any other state to dismantle Florida's unemployment insurance system. We're joined now by George Wentworth who is a senior staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project.

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I'm comfused...

Rob… an advocate for “worker's rights”… speaking on behalf of the unemployed??? Shouldn’t you have had an advocate for “non-worker's rights”??? I mean… the unemployed getting information from a worker’s rights guy… is kinda like men getting advice from a gynecologist about prostate cancer!!! What was ya thinkin???