Signing up for the Affordable Care Act

02/19/14 Robert Lorei
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Kristen Nash

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Kristen Nash a field organizer for Enroll America about signing up for health care. Rob also speaks with Alison Murano of Doctors for America about how the organization plans to travel across Florida on a tour called "Coverage is Good Medicine".

For more on local health care help go to The phone number for ACA info is 1-800-318-2596

Listen to the entire show above.

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George from Tampa called in yesterday with a question about signing up for health care, and George remarked that when he called his doctor’s office the woman said “ We don’t take Obamacare”. If I earn $60,000 a year, shop through the health care exchange for insurance, and choose Blue Cross Policy #42, I would pay $600 a month for Policy Z. If I earn $30,000 a year, shop through the health care exchange for insurance, and choose Blue Cross Policy #42, I would pay $266 a month for Policy Z. And if I don’t go through the exchange at all, my policy still must meet the same minimal standards as those sold through the exchange. None of these policies are stamped ‘Obamacare’, no doctor’s office knows how much I pay for my premium - they only know what Policy #42 covers, and being that all new policies must comply with the health care law it is good coverage. The only policies which are not affected by Obamacare are polices which are grandfathered in for one more year and these might not be good coverage for the patient at all. So when a doctor’s office says “We don’t take Obamacare” they are saying we do not accept good policies, we only want the old policies where we mail you a bill and hope that you will eventually pay us. There really is no such thing as an Obamacare policy. Obamacare refers to a federal legislation. If a doctor’s office tells you “We don’t take Obamacare” it makes as much sense as if they said “ We don’t accept the “McKinney-Vento Act of 1987” ”… well of course you do not accept the “McKinney-Vento Act of 1987” for payment because it is the name of a legislation, not the name of an insurance policy. If my doctor’s office cannot distinguish the difference between Blue Cross Policy #42 and the McKinney-Vento Act of 1987, I would fear to have that doctor diagnose anything. Ha ha

Hi Rob, I heard part of the program on the ACA and I wanted to clarify something regarding the use of an insurance broker. It does not cost the consumer more to use a broker. The broker is paid by the insurance company. I have a friend who is an insurance broker trained in the ACA and can act as a navigator. He sells all kinds of health insurance and he can help people with the ACA. He will travel to a person's residence if necessary. Phone # is 727-492-3799. I told him about the show and he is very willing to talk to you so you can call him and give out his phone number. I am wondering if he can help the woman who couldn't find a plan on the marketplace that included her children. By the way this was a good show. Do it again, please.