Solar hot water

03/18/13 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

On today’s program our guests were all involved with companies that sell and install solar energy and hot water systems in the Tampa Bay Area.

Rick Gilbert, the vice president of Solar Source located in Largo, started the show then brought on their Director of Residential Solar Sales, Richard Smith. Also, Rich Glueck a long time friend of the Sustainable Living program joined us to talk about, as he calls it, “the best kept secret of the sunshine state”, Home Solar Hot Water Systems. Rick started by talking about how Florida has laws that protect the power companies from competition.

Then we tried to talk about heating water but ended up talking mostly about home solar electric systems. Both of these companies install both solar hot water and solar electric systems so we did answer all our listeners’ questions. The main point of the show was to convey that solar hot water systems will save you money and help save the planet! Rich Glueck is the owner of Solar Energy Systems located in Gulfport.

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