Some low income families being forced onto the streets of Charlotte ahead of Democratic National Convention

08/31/12 Lisa Marzilli
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As Democrats gather in Charlotte, N.C. for their national party convention, an Op-Ed in the Charlotte Observer voiced concern over the fact that many low-income families in that city are being displaced from relatively affordable “extended stay” motels that have jacked up their rates to as high as $300 a night ahead in an effort to cash in on the DNC that begins on Tuesday. According to the Observer:

A coalition of agencies announced Monday that they have crafted a three-part plan. They raised $20,000 to help keep people in the motels. They will create additional temporary shelter space at the Salvation Army. And 36 congregations have agreed to provide more than 700 beds over eight nights through the Room in the Inn program. Advocates have projected a need of up to 150 beds per night but emphasize they really don’t know what to expect.

I spoke with Deronda Metz, Director of Social Services for the Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte about what her group is doing to help the people being forced out on the street.

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