St. Pete City Council rejects curfew for minors

04/07/11 Kate Bradshaw
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Today the St. Petersburg City Council voted down a proposal to explore a curfew for minors. Council member Karl Nurse brought up the idea, which would have required youths aged 16 and under to be home between 11pm and 6am during the school week. Police would have taken those caught in public during those hours home or to a so-called curfew center. Nurse’s rationale was that it would help kids get a healthy amount of sleep while keeping them out of trouble. The recent shooting of Officer David Crawford, allegedly carried out by a 16-year-old, weighed heavily on the discussion.

Council member Steve Kornell, a school social worker by trade, said it would create even more hostility between troubled youth and law enforcement.

"I think it's unfair to the kids but I also think it's very unfair to our police. We need to put our police in situations to build relationships with those kids and as much as it may help down the road, or may not help down the road, you're not going to have a positive relationship with police when they're arresting you for violating a teen curfew and taking you to wherever they would take you. So I'll support the discussion but I have a lot of concerns with the idea."

Although he didn’t like the idea of a curfew, Kornell was the only council member to support Nurse’s proposal. He said he’d like to form a committee to explore the overarching issue of troubled youth.

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