St. Pete resident heads to court for feeding people in an Orlando park

08/03/11 Seán Kinane
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More than 20 activists have been arrested in Orlando since the city began enforcing its ordinance making it a crime to feed people in public parks. But recently Orlando and the local Food Not Bombs chapter have come to an agreement that has, at least for the time being, stopped arrests. Instead of public feedings being in a downtown park, the activists have agreed to feed people in front of City Hall. But St. Petersburg resident Jimmy Dunson was arrested before the agreement. He has a court appearance in Orlando on Thursday.

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Quit being a martyr and do something!!!

Dude... John Law & Deputy Dawg are shutting down little girls lemonade stands for not having a $400 vendor’s permit!!! And one of the reasons is that the kids lack FDA food safety inspections on LEMONADE!!! And what are you giving out… salmonella sandwiches??? Dude… the way they're treating 6 year old girls with lemonade stands… you’re liable to get life... at STARKE!!! Get your permit… get inspected… and then you can give away the farm!!!