Tampa City Council will consider RNC "Clean Zone" - Council member Montelione answers questions

04/04/12 Seán Kinane
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What are the rights of protesters during Tampa's upcoming RNC? The city is addressing some concerns with a proposed "Clean Zone" ordinance. The first hearing on the ordinance will be tomorrow (Thursday) morning and groups are planning a protest. We talked about some of their concerns. My guest was Tampa City Council member Lisa Montelione. She was one of three council members at last night’s ACLU forum on the rights of protesters and journalists during the RNC.

Tampa revised proposal for RNC "Clean Zone"

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Great Show as always. We will back up from our right to free speech and to peacefully assemble. Regardless of words typed onto paper, we are born with these rights. We will stand up for what is right, even in the face of oppression.

Hugh Mann

Typos on my last comment...we will NOT back up!

What in the world?

What do you whiners plan to protest? Or do you plan to protest just to show that you can?

Some mouth

Whiners? Exercising the right to free speech is a civic duty. Name calling is as irrelevant pointless protesting, and just as much a right. Carry on, one and all.

Give me liberty or give me death

The title says it all, if one cannot express their thoughts then all is lost. This is home of the free? Prostest because we Americans have that right we pay for it and many have died for it. If the authorities don't like what we have to say maybe they should change.