Tampa MoveOn protesters to Sen. Rubio: "Jobs not cuts"

08/10/11 Josh Holton
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Jobs, not cuts, was the message of protesters today, outside Congressional offices across the country. About two dozen activists protested outside Senator Marco Rubio’s office near USF-Tampa.

The progressive nonprofit advocacy group Moveon.org called on it’s supporters to flood local legislative offices today to ask congressional leaders one question: Where are the jobs? Chris Radulich is from Apollo Beach, and he thinks the Republican’s strategy has it all wrong.

While it seems neither major party is content with the outcome of last week’s debt deal, Radulich said it did nothing to put people back to work.

Protester Jennifer Toth and other MoveOn activists brought a jobs plan to Marco Rubio’s office that included re-instituting the Depression-era Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps, which at one time gave millions of Americans government work to improve domestic infrastructure.

Many conservative groups oppose any new taxes and demand smaller government, but Sandra Bathon said that paying some taxes to the government is a good thing.

Union advocates, social democrats and liberals often point to Scandanavian countries like Sweden, where universal healthcare and high taxation have given them a high standard of living. Karen Lanning is from Sweden, but came to live in the US for its job opportunities. She says that taxes in Sweden actually pay for important social programs.

Another activist Terry Lanning admits that he’s been a drag on social security

David Maynard serves on the Soil and Water Conservation Board, and says people like Terry won’t see any new jobs until the rich pay their fair share.

And Terry Lanning says that giving government funding for big businesses isn’t helping either.

The protesters didn’t get any reaction from Rubio’s Aides, and the Senator’s Washington office did not respond to an interview request before airtime.

More photos of the protest

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