TB Outbreak; Saving the Middle Class; and New Welfare Reporting Options for States

07/18/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up we’ll talk with Democratic Pollster Stan Greenberg about how to improve conditions for America’s Middle Class and we’ll talk about the recent reports of a tuberculosis outbreak in Florida. But first some listener comments about yesterday’s show. We had open phones. And the discussion largely centered on the economy. Here’s what two listeners had to say.Tape.

We’ll open the phones in a few minutes and take you calls- but first---

Earlier this week the Palm Beach Post reported that he tuberculosis outbreak near Jacksonville that has raised questions of undue government secrecy has spread to other counties…..The Post reported that last year, in the shelters and halfway houses where Jacksonville’s homeless congregate, it bloomed into the nation’s most extensive, fastest-growing TB outbreak, one described by a visiting official from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as among the worst his group had seen in 20 years.

Although state health officials maintain the outbreak is now mostly contained within the Jacksonville homeless, a state database obtained by The Palm Beach Post on Friday showed sick people with the strain of TB FL 046 have also popped up in 17 other Florida counties- including one in Hillsborough County and two in Pinellas……Marc Yacht is a doctor and former president of the Florida Public Health Association….


In his new book IT’S THE MIDDLE CLASS STUPID (Blue Rider Press)- longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg argues that whichever Presidential candidate wins they will have to convince the voters that they have a solid plan to revive the middle class……

In the book Greenberg who co-wrote the book with James Carville, Greenberg recommends a laser-like focus on the middle class and outline a program for the next four years. I spoke with Greenberg earlier today.


Next-- the claim that President Obama has single-handedly done away with the work requirement for people on welfare became a topic yesterday on this program. It has also been discussed much on FOX News. Let's listen to what former Senator Rick Santorum told Jonathan Karl on ABC yesterday about this. And then let's look at what the Obama Administration has actually done.

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