The aftermath of food stamp cuts & New secret trade agreement that could hurt American jobs

11/01/13 Robrt Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity we discuss the food stamp cuts that go into effect today. They will affect 47 million Americans including those here in Tampa. A family of four will see their food stamp allotment cut by $36 dollars a month. The average allotment to a single person is about a $1.50 per meal.

Rob Lorei speaks with guest Debbie McCarthy who is Director of Development at Feeding America Tampa Bay. It’s one of several food banks which serve people here in the Tampa Bay area.

Later Rob interviews Shane Larson, Legislative Director at the Communications Workers of America who is warning that a new trade agreement being negotiated in secret could hurt American jobs. The agreement between the US and countries around the Pacific Rim is being negotiated by the US government. It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Obama administration will soon ask Congress for fast track authority to win approval for the TPP. Chile is one of the countries that will be included in the Transpacific partnership. There is a movement there against the TPP and songwriter Ana Tijoux is a Chilean has written this song called “No to the TPP”.

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Interesting statistics on food stamps:

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