The Controversy Over The TLC Program ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM

12/14/11 Robert Lorei
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The conservative Tampa organization that pressured giant home repair store Lowe's to yank its ads from a program about Muslim Americans claims that "terrorist hackers" attacked its website, forcing the group to shut it down.

The Florida Family Association, objected to the TLC program All-American Muslim, saying it was "propaganda" that hid the radical agenda of Muslims. The program features five Muslim-American families in Dearborn, Mich.

David Caton, executive director of FFA, says intruders hacked into 15 levels of security, prompting them to shut down the system, The St. Petersburg Times reports. He also says he has received a death threat, as well as a tip Monday night that the site would be attacked.

The controversy started when the TLC channel decided to begin airing this series about Muslim families living in Dearborn Michigan.

The campaign against "All-American Muslim" has produced a backlash from Muslim Americans and their supporters calling on Lowe's to reverse its decision. Lowe's has apologized over the incident, but has not restored its advertising.

The controversy brought this segment this week on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Here to talk about the campaign against the TV show ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM is Hassan Shibly who is Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of The Council on American Muslim Relations (813 514-1414).

I called David Caton of the American Family Association and invited him to appear today. But he didn't return my phone call.

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