"The Great Disruption"

11/14/11 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

Our guest on today’s Sustainable Living program was Paul Gilding, author of “The Great Disruption,” Paul’s an international thought leader and advocate for sustainability. He has served as head of Greenpeace International, built and led two companies and advised both Fortune 500 corporations and community-based NGOs. He’s a member of the core faculty for Cambridge University’s Program for Sustainability Leadership. His new book is about the science behind the physical limits to economic and material growth of our world, the time frame for change, and what the solutions through new markets are. One of the many topics covered was about the “Occupy” movement that is part of the needed change that has to take place on the road to a sustainable world. Paul’s website and blog is at paulgilding.com

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