The Secret Life of an American Art Forger

09/12/12 Robert Lorei
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One of the world’s master art forgers- Ken Perenyi lives in Madeira Beach… longer is he passing off his fake paintings for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars… but for 30 years he used his uncanny ability to paint like the masters—to make a living. And living is putting it mildly. Somehow he always stayed one step ahead of the mafia, law enforcement and suspicious art dealers…..He’s written a new book called Caveat Emptor: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger (Pegasus Books)…..He joins us live in the studio….

He'll be speaking at the Times Festival of Reading October 20th at USF in St. Petersburg.

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Pres./ COO

Hi Rob, Really interesting interview. I suppose everyone stays focused on the Mr. Perenyi's forgery story since it is more headline, but I think the bigger story is really the quality and technical skills Mr. Perenyi's has developed over his life. If you ever have an opportunity to see his work you would really be floored/ amazed at how superior Mr. Perenyi is relative to todays top artists. The work is truely masterful and I will argue that any piece of work by Mr. Perenyi will become very valuable. I could actually see his after J.E> Butterworths works skying in price and come in line with the originals. This can only happen since his skill set is so rare and so great. Be Well - JL