Time for an Energy Revolution in Tampa

02/21/11 Jon Butts
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday) | Listen to this entire show:

Our guests today are both involved in this coming Saturday’s (February 26) “Time for an Energy Revolution in Tampa” panel discussion that will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Ybor City starting at 12:30. This event is sponsored by the Bridge Foundation, and we were happy to have the founder, Rebecca Blanco, join the program to talk about Saturday’s discussion.

Also, one of the panelists at the Saturday event, Taylor Ralph, a local green builder joined the show to talk about energy efficiencies and building strategies. We spent a lot of time in the attic talking about the benefits of closed attic space. Ralph works with REAL building out of St. Pete and our local US Green Building Council, and ACT Green Partnership. To find out more about the panel discussion visit http://www.thebridgetampa.com

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