Uhurus kick off "A Day in Solidarity with African People"

09/22/11 Sarah Curran
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

The Uhuru movement wants people to fight back against the oppression of Africans by white capitalism. They kicked off the Event “A Day in Solidarity with African people” Wednesday night in St. Petersburg to raise awareness .

The African People's Socialist Party founded the Uhuru Movement on the ideals that Africans and all oppressed people need to push back against the domination of the white people. Uhuru movement founder Omali Yeshitela says the organizations hopes to end all oppression.

The organization is funded on the belief that Imperialism and Capitalism of a white society oppressed Africans across the world through forcible dispersal and enslavement. They blame the white oppression on current incidents across the country involving police brutality, as well as current poverty levels of Blacks across America. Jesse Nevel is the local chair of the Uhuru Movement.

Nevel says the purpose of the event was to inspire non-Africans to get involved in the cause.

The Uhuru Movement hopes to raise at least $10 thousand for programs across the country. The money will go towards community gardens and economic development institutions for Africans. And founder Yeshitela says it doesn’t just end with this event.

For those wanting to get involved or learn more, the event will make one more stop in St. Petersburg on October 1at the Uhuru Breakfast Café.

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