Urban farming

05/28/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

We missed a chance to interview Will Allen on the Sustainable Living Program last month so we started today’s program with a short clip from the Growing Power website www.growingpower.org. The former Basketball player started Growing Power, a national urban farming network, in Milwaukee years ago and now it has expanded across the USA to provide food for inner-city neighborhoods. It seems someone in the Tampa Bay area needs to duplicate what Will has started. The rest of the program we spent with a young North Tampa gardener that recently hosted an International Permaculture Day event at her urban garden. Brittany Aukett answered a variety of questions on urban gardening; focusing on making compost versus buying soil amendments, planting extra for the pests, and even gave a possible solution for those darn squirrels. She keeps up with her Organic Gardening Adventures Blog http://organic-gardening-adventures.blogspot.com and is willing to answers your question there. Debbie Butts also joined the program to help answer questions on local farming issues such as where to sell and buy locally grown veggies, etc.

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