USF faculty union president warns of consequences of rush to create new university in Polk County

02/14/12 Robert Lorei
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In Tallahassee two unexpected proposals from the past week are posing challenges to the University of South Florida in Tampa. The first was unveiled a week ago in the state Senate--- it was a bill to immediately create Florida Polytechnic University - a new, completely independent school in Lakeland. The University would separate from USF and the new entity would assume control of all the assets. It would hire a brand new faculty and so far- there’s no definitive word on what this new university would cost Florida’s taxpayers.

The second bombshell came ate Friday when the Senate Budget committee in Tallahassee released a plan calling for 79 million dollars in cuts from USF in the coming fiscal year. The 11 member state university system would see a total of 400 million dollars in cuts—USF would take one fifth of the cuts statewide.

The USF Board of Trustees met last night in an emergency session last night to discuss the proposed cuts. A packed room of 250 people showed up to strategize on how to defend the university from the state senate.

The two proposals- one for the immediate creation of a Polytechnic University in Polk County and the cuts to USF in Tampa are inter-twined.

First up today we’ll talk with Paul Terry who is the United faculty of Florida President at USF Polytech in Lakeland.

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JD's Folly and Florida's doom

Is anyone going to want to have their kids go to school in a state that cannot fun what it has, yet allows King JD to make a 13th college on land he owns, near property he wants to sell? Add to this that neither the students nor faculty want it, because they know that without acceditiation, their diplomas will be JUNK!