USF forms its own Occupy group. Its focus? Tuition

11/03/11 Kate Bradshaw
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Occupy Tampa now has an ally at the area’s largest university. Occupy USF, which is partnering with the school’s newly-formed chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.

Dozens of USF students used the human microphone during a teach-in promoting the nascent Occupy USF movement. Dani Leppo, an SDS organizer, said there are a lot of parallels between college students and the general public as the job market remains stagnant.

She said a key driver for the movement is the 15 percent tuition hike students saw this year and the possibility of more to come. She said the state university system should come up with better ways to tackle its economic shortcomings.

She said so far the administration has yet to respond.

As the teach-in ensued outside Cooper Hall, a small table sat off to one side. In the grass were makeshift cardboard tombstones for key provisions of the Bill of Rights. Vincent McCoigh, vice president of Young Americans for Liberty, handed out pamphlets touting libertarian values. You might think his group would be at odds with the occupy movement. While McCoigh was adamant that his table had nothing to do with the teach-in, he thought its organizers had some good points.

The Occupy USF teach-in aimed to preview their upcoming plans for an on-campus rally set to take place at USF’s Patel Center on Wednesday. That’s the state-of-the-art building where USF president Judy Genshaft recently moved her office.

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