Vice President Joe Biden says Obama's Job's Act could create 400,000 teaching jobs

10/04/11 Janelle Irwin
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Vice President Joe Biden told a library full of students, educators and even some laid-off teachers why President Obama’s Jobs Act will help education. This afternoon in Land O’ Lakes Biden said it would put 35 billion dollars into public education and create 400,000 jobs.

Biden told a crowd of about 200 people, America can do better for our children. He spoke to a class of 25 fifth graders before giving his jobs press conference. Under the law, it is supposed to have a maximum of 22. Biden said the money put back into education will help school districts get back on track until the economy can recover.

“And every state finances their school system slightly differently than every other state, and yours is based – although you have a formula to make it more equal – is based n property taxes. And teachers are being forced out of the classroom and there’s a reason for that. You know, this God awful recession we inherited before we came in office and the absolute plummeting. I don’t have to tell anyone in Florida how badly your housing market was hit. You all know it personally. Some of you are upside down in your mortgages and you know people who’ve lost their homes. Well, the end result of that is there’s less money there to do the things that state governments do.”

Biden also said he’d rather give $35 billion to education than a 54 billion dollar tax break to oil companies. He also said funds need to be allocated to more after-school and summer programs that he said “have a dramatic impact on the ability to learn”. Biden and President Barack Obama released a report that said, of the 400,000 jobs, 280,000 are jobs that will be spared future layoffs.

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