Who will face Governor Rick Scott in 2014 and what are Republicans in Washington thinking?

09/20/13 Janelle Irwin
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Former Republican state senator Paula Dockery talks to members of the Tiger Bay Club of Tampa about why she thinks her party is failing.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Congress voted for the 42nd time Friday to de-fund Obamacare through a debt package that would avert government shut down. It begged the question from former Republican state Senator Paula Dockery, what the heck is wrong with the Republican party? Today we look at how divisive the two parties have become and what it's doing to American politics.

Also, on the table is the question of who will face Governor Rick Scott in 2014. The wealthy governor has pledged to have at least $100 million on hand for a campaign. So far, only one candidate has come forward - South Florida Democrat Nan Rich. Rich lacks name recognition and is running a wholly grassroots campaign. Today we ask, can that kind of candidate win an election against a money power house like the Scott camp?

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