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Listeners mourn the death of net neutrality listen

04/25/14 Janelle Irwin
Last Call Friday
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Net neutrality supporters say a new FCC rule proposal kills their efforts.

The proposal would allow internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to charge websites for a special "lane" to provide better web access to users. Critics argue this will stifle smaller startup websites like Vimeo or Buzzfeed while allowing larger companies like Netflix to reap the benefits of better service. They say it would frustrate users who may find themselves easily accessing one website while having...

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Media reform/labor groups want Comcast/NBC mega merger quashed listen

12/03/09 Lisa Marzilli
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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General Electric and Comcast announced a joint venture on Thursday that will give the cable company eventual control of NBC Universal. Earlier this week GE, which already owned 80% of NBC Universal, agreed to buy the remaining 20% from French media giant Vivendi. Worth nearly $6 billion dollars, the deal would allow GE to create an entertainment joint venture controlled by Comcast, the nation’s largest cable TV provider. Media reform groups across the county are organizing to try to bloc...

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