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Anti-GMO group launches new Tampa farmer's market listen

07/11/14 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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Tags: Organarchy Market, farmer's market, GMO, Nathan Schwartz, March Against Monsanto


There’s a new farmer’s market coming to Tampa Saturday.

They’re calling it Organarchy and it will only offer non-genetically modified foods. Organarchy non-GMO Farmer’s Market organizer Nathan Schwartz is with March Against Monsanto-Tampa.

The Stained Market Place is hosting the market. That address is 2106 E. 15th Ave in Tampa. It starts Saturday at 8:00 a.m. until noon and will run every Saturday between now and October 25.

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Consumer advocates asking Publix to label GMO foods listen

03/12/14 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday
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Tags: PIRG, Florida PIRG, Dalyn Houser, GMO, food, Publix


Last week we told you about a bill in the Florida legislature to require labeling of foods with genetically modified organisms and about opposition to that legislation. We interviewed Dalyn Houser, a program associate with Florida PIRG who is organizing support for the bill requiring labeling of GMO foods.

"GMOs are genetically modified organisms and these are seeds that grow our food that we eat and they have the DNA of the seed has been altered in some way. So, for instance, you can cro...


Holistic doctor: GMO foods are weapons of mass destruction listen

02/17/14 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday
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Tags: GMO, food, Carlos Garcia, Health, cancer, holistic medicine


Could genetically modified foods be causing cancer? Holistic Dr. Carlos Garcia thinks so. He’s so convinced GMOs can be deadly, he calls them a weapon of mass destruction. During a lecture at USF Tampa in January, he outlined the hazards and why they’re being ignored.

“The animals that were not fed or were fed non-genetically modified foods had a death rate of 20% female, 30% males before two years. They feed them the genetically modified foods – 70% of the female die, 75% of the males di...

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Health Resolutions, GMOs in our food, and other topics discussed on The Urban Cafe listen

01/05/14 Dwaine Terry
The Urban Cafe
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Tags: Health Resolutions for the New Year, Jeffrey Smith, GMO, HIV

1- Health Resolutions for the New Year- By now everyone should be working on their resolutions. Some people have committed to eat healthier, get diabetes under control, stop smoking, etc. As a result, many local hospitals offer FREE or LOW COST classes and seminars to help you get started and stay committed.

2- GMO Expert, Jeffrey Smith is coming to USF on Jan 16th. He has written a bestselling book "Seeds of Deception" and has a movie "Genetic Roulette." Brief explanation on what GM...


Bee Against Monsanto actions planned in October listen

10/04/13 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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Tags: pesticides, bees, Monsanto, GMO, March Against Monsanto, genetically modified organisms, poison


Nathan Schwartz is helping to organize Bee Against Monsanto actions in the Tampa Bay area, including Saturday October 12.

They are related to the March Against Monsanto.

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G.M.O.s [genetically modified organisms]

06/29/13 The Urban Cafe Crew
The Urban Cafe


The Urban Cafe answers to the 10 most intriguing questions concerning G.M.O.s [genetically modified organisms]

  1. Why are many people against the consumption of GMOs?

  2. What are some examples of GMOs?

  3. Why do these food giants opt for genetic modification?

  4. What are some of the concerns people have when it comes to feeding Genetically Modified food to our children?

  5. What countries have banned GMOs?

  6. Why do they want the animals growing bigger/faster?

  7. How ...

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Tampa activists March Against Monsanto as part of global coordinated actions opposing genetically modified organisms listen

05/28/13 Roberto Roldan
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday
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More than 500 people from around the bay area marched against genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the multinational corporation Monsanto. Activist groups organized the march from Hyde Park to downtown Tampa to raise awareness of the dangers to agriculture.

“It’s very important that we put a moratorium immediately. No new GMO products, no new GMO fields, no advancement of GMO’s whatsoever and, at the same time, we begin an immediate phase out of all GMO’s and a transition to ...


Franken Farms Labs labels cans as activism to draw awareness to March Against Monsanto and GMOs listen

05/22/13 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday
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This Saturday there will be coordinated protests across the country and around the world opposing genetically modified foods and the company Monsanto.

There are even March Against Monsanto rallies planned in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

In the meantime some activists have printed food label...


Pinellas Native Plant Tour

10/01/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health
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On today’s program our guest was the president of the Pinellas chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, Jan Allyn. We talked about the importance of native plants and the chapter’s upcoming Native Landscape Tour, which will take place on October 6 &7, 9AM to 3PM, as a self-guided tour of homes and businesses in Pinellas County. To find out more check out Their monthly meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of ...

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Health foodies want labels on genetically modified foods listen

09/21/12 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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This month, French researchers said genetically modified corn may have caused tumors in laboratory rats. People concerned about genetically modified foods are launching a campaign for accurate labeling. At an event hosted by Food and Water Watch at a health food store in Tampa Thursday night, 40 people learned how they can persuade elected officials to introduce a law that requires labels on genetically engineered foods.

Kara Kaufman is the Tampa field director for the Let Me Decide Camp...


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