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What is Art--the play and the festival listen

11/01/13 JoEllen Schilke
Art In Your Ear
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Tags: Art, theater, theatre, Creative Clay, American Stage

Bill Leavengood's play, What is Art, will be the inaugural play of American Stage's The Emerging Masters Playreading Series, which starts on November 4. Josh Poll of Zen Glass, and Gina and Todd Frain from Creative Clay's Folk Fest talk about the creative spirit, and how not to set yourself on fire in the glass studio.

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Fanni Green, Jamison Hudson and Tia Strachen discuss "In the Next Room"

04/11/13 Mary Glenney & Arlene Engelhardt
From A Woman's Point of View
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Fanni Green, a professor of theatre and culture at the University of South Florida Tampa campus, discusses the play "In the Next Room by Sarah Ruhl. Sarah Ruhl the author has said that In the N ext Room "is not a sex farce about vibrators. It's about wet nurses; it's about the body. It's misleading to say it is purely about the object." Fanni says that to her, "In The Next room" is about discovery, longing, breastfeeding, "electric" connections, love, inventions and the human touch. Luckily...

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