Obamacare/ACA? It’s not Dead and There May Be Some Good Price News for Floridians

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Radioactivity October 27, 2017

Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up—is Obamacare going away or collapsing? No—despite some efforts in Congress—the ACA is still with us. The sign up period begins November 1st. If you have questions about signing up for the ACA or if you have a moderate income and want to see whether you are eligible for a subsidy—this segment is for you.

Gallup reported last week that 3.5 million fewer people reported having health insurance through the first nine months of this year as the President and Republicans Trump’s threats and GOP congressional inaction provoked widespread uncertainty.
In some places insurance premiums are spiking- instead of slowly rising as had been predicted—because President Trump destabilized the marketplace by ending subsidies to cover insurance for the poor.
The CBO estimates the cost of ending the subsidies will add $6 billion to the deficit in 2018 alone.
The Trump administration has also cut the ObamaCare enrollment period in half and cut the advertising budget by 90 percent. And they are cutting money for the Navigator system to help people enroll.
Despite this- there may be some good news about health insurance subsidies for Floridians next year.

Our guest is Melanie Hall— is the Executive Director of the family Health Care Foundation and an expert in helping people navigate Obamacare.
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