Organize Florida previews 2017 legislative session

Rick Scott

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The Florida Legislative Session begins Tuesday, Governor Rick Scott will give his annual State of the State Address and there is an Awake the State gathering in Tampa; on MidPoint we talk about all of this and state legislation to keep an eye on during the session. Our guest is Tim Heberlein is political operations director at Organize Florida.

We’ll also get the latest on Monday’s unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “Travel Ban 2.o” on residents of six Muslim-majority countries.

Listen to the full show here:

Awake the State Tampa is at Gaslight Square Park beginning at 2:00 p.m. on March 7.

*A State Senate Committee will consider a fracking ban it’s a bill by Tampa Republ. Sen. Dana Young

*Expanding rights of gun owners – guns in airports & govt buildings, universities, sporting events, polling places; open carry on streets.

*Expanding gambling – Senates wants to expand slot machines

*Nonprofit hospitals could suffer – repealing certificate of need requirements / lifting limits on # of trauma centers

*Threats to open government like searches for university presidents more secret / closed meetings among elected officials

*Reining in courts: constitutional amendment for 12-year term limits Supreme Court & appeals court (political)

*Everglades cleanup / sugar land purchase / reservoir

*Death penalty – state mush change law to require all 12 jurors must agree on recommendation of death

*Govt handouts to business – Corcoran effort to abolish Enterprise Florida and slash budget of Visit Florida

*Medical marijuana – Constitutional amendment but need legislation to pass rules implementing it

*Budget – Senate wants more money for environment & higher ed; House and Scott want tax cuts

At the beginning of the show we played a listener commenting after our last show. We heard the voices of Florida residents speaking at a town hall meeting in Tampa. Senator Marco Rubio was invited but did not attend.

Watch the interview (part 1)

Watch the interview (part 2)