Peta2 sponsors animal cruelty exhibit at USF

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This week the Students Protecting the Environment and Animals with Knowledge (SPEAK) are sponsoring an exhibit comparing the exploitation of humans and animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ young adult division, PETA2, was also at the exhibit, showing images of torture, mutilation, and imprisonment. They made the point that all exploited species suffer.

Twelve tall posters swayed in the wind next to the sidewalk outside Cooper Hall on USF’s Tampa campus. They displayed in-your-face graphic photos juxtaposing past cruelty to women, children, and minorities with photos of animals in similar exploitative conditions. Adrian Burke helped organize the event through PETA2.

Burke believes that pain and suffering are not exclusive to the human species.

PETA2 advocates vegetarianism as a method for alleviating suffering, according to Burke.

Lucy Cole was passing by the exhibit Tuesday, and says that she was moved toward veganism by seeing the exhibit.

A new student named Crystal was drawn to the exhibit, and was appalled at the photos of factory farming. She described the impact the posters are having on her, and her fellow classmates.

Hussein Mourtada was petitioning for USF professors to stop primate testing in their laboratories.

SPEAK’s mission is to educate and promote awareness of animal issues and how the raising of animals for food affects the environment. They also like to educate people on the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. The group meets every Friday except this week at 3:00 PM on USF’s Tampa Campus at the Marshall Center room 3713. You can find out more about Peta2 at