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My guest on "Talking Animals Nov. 6 will be **Mark Devries, director of the new documentary “Speciesism: The Movie.”

Taking a first-person approach to the making of “Speciesism”—the director’s voice is not only a prominent part of the film, but he also appears onscreen—Devries initially embarks on a quest to investigate what really goes on behind the walls of factory farming operations.

He is not pursuing this cinematic exploration by way of shooting undercover footage (though one of his interviewees is an activist who has shot undercover video at a number of plants), but often directly the opposite:

In some instances, he strolls into these operations, cameras rolling, politely asking the employees innocent question about how things work, and even if he can come in and look around.

Owing, perhaps, to Devries manner, youthful appearance (early 20s) and low-key, low-tech gambit, those employees respond courteously—where uninvited visitors to those facilties, especially ones with a movie camera in hand are often responded to pretty aggressively—though no one does allow him inside.

“Speciesism” widens out from the factory farming inquest to a far-reaching examination of speciesm, featuring onscreen interviews with numerous advocates, scientists, and other experts, including such prominent figures as Peter Singer, Ingrid Newkirk and Temple Grandin along the way.

Devries, now 26, grew up in New York City, and is currently attending law school.

Mark Devries will speak with me live on "Talking Animals" on Nov. 6 at 9am ET, and listeners are invited to participate in the conversation by calling 813-239-9663 or e-mailing

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